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Building a Growth Hub for Startups & SMEs

"We develop B2B & B2B2C Startups and Scaleups to Hidden Champions and Market Leaders."

K2MATCH is an ecosystem of curated Startups, SMEs, VCs & PEs , Corporates, Experts, Business Communities & Solution Partners. We provide best-in-class matching services and growth solutions for businesses across multiple industries aiming to achieve your business goals.

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K2MATCH is the combination of K2 and MATCH. K2 is the second highest mountain on planet earth, but even more difficult to climb than Mount Everest. Match stands for matching clients' teams with top expert(s) team(s) to be able to climb K2.

This matching will enable the client to reach the K2 peak. Our experts are carefully curated and selected for their unique expertise combined with the right business ethics.

- Jointly Achieve Peak Performance

How everything started

After 18 months of preparation, Alexandros Dohn and Badr Moudden could finally celebrate K2MATCH incorporation. We both were enjoying and celebrating this key milestone on a summer evening on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

From that moment we knew "nothing can stop us now"

K2MATCH Limited was born on 30.08.2021, in Pafos Cyprus.

Growth is made by living the right Values


Our Vision is to build a powerful, effective, global Ecosystem that brings clients (Startups, Small and Mid Size Companies) and partners (Solution Partners,  Experts and Investors) to a healthy steady growth mode.


Our K2MATCH Ecosystem  helps clients & partners who want to be in a healthy steady growth mode by matching the clients with carefully selected solution partners, experts and investors.

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We support our Community individually on their current Level

Here is how we support Startups on their Journey:

K2MATCH as an operational VC

Investments: K2Match Investor Lounge

When it comes down to investments...is important before and after...having the right experts to ...

The K2MATCH Ecosystem offers a 360° in-depth expertise coverage, as a „à la carte” menu to help and accelerate our clients' development to the next stage.

Experts who have skills within our expertise fields
are welcome to contact us and join the family.

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