Revolutionising Recycling: The Power of Recyclium in Shaping a Sustainable Future

Revolutionising Recycling: The Power of Recyclium in Shaping a Sustainable Future
K2MATCH Investor Lounge(2nd Monaco Edition), March 7th 2023 : Pascal Siegrist, Founder and CEO of recyclium AG

Recyclium is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that enables corporate brand owners to track and trace their products throughout their lifecycle, regardless of raw materials used, and reclaim them at the end of their useful life for recycling.

In the ever-changing landscape of global sustainability, the introduction of novel recycling technologies such as Recyclium signals a paradigm change in waste management and environmental stewardship. Born from the vision of revolutionising waste management, Recyclium AG has embarked on a mission to pioneer sustainable waste management, leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and strategic partnerships to redefine the lifecycle of recyclables.

A Vision of Circular Economy

At its core, Recyclium uses its unique technology to provide corporations with a single-item or product-group QR code at the time of production. This code can be scanned by consumers, who will receive a financial reward or a return of a deposit for delivering it to dedicated collection points.

Recyclium processes all product data throughout the lifecycle and manages the reward payments. The corporation receives aggregated, immutable data backed up on blockchain from Recyclium for ESG and other management purposes.

By developing a blockchain-based waste management system, Recyclium ensures the secure and immutable tracking of products and recyclables, fostering a transparent and efficient recycling process. This not only enhances traceability but also empowers individuals and businesses to contribute actively to environmental conservation.

Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Impact

Since the incorporation in August 2023, Recyclium reached out to over 100 multinational corporations and started working on implementing multiple pilot programs. They have formed an alliance with esteemed recycling companies like Beeah Tandeef in the UAE, or in India.

Through these alliances, Recyclium works on pioneering recyclables collection and recycling solutions, setting a new standard for circular economy practices for corporations in these regions.

Technological Innovation at the Forefront

The essence of Recyclium's solution lies in its easy to implement Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), which supports very high recycling rates. In Europe, countries with DRSs in place achieve recycling rates above 90%, but DRS’ implementation takes a lot of time and is expensive. With Recyclium, DRS can be integrated with any product, efficiently and at low costs.

On top of it, Recyclium’s single unit track & trace technology provides unparalleled visibility throughout the reverse logistics journey. This technology enables the secure and transparent tracking of recyclables from collection to processing, offering all stakeholders real-time insights into the path of post-consumption products.

Moreover, the introduction of a deposit system incentivises the recycling of specific items, such as disposable vapes, batteries or coffee pods, promoting a culture of recycling among consumers and enhancing the overall effectiveness of waste management efforts.

Empowering Communities Through Recycling

Recyclium's approach extends beyond technological innovation, aiming to foster community involvement in recycling efforts. Through engaging and incentivising mechanisms, such as the deposit system, Recyclium encourages widespread participation in the recycling process, cultivating a sense of environmental responsibility and stewardship. This community-centric model not only facilitates efficient waste management but also contributes to the creation of a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

Startup by Age, Scaleup by Experience

Recyclium stands at the forefront of the global effort to revolutionise recycling, making significant strides towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Behind its innovative vision is a dynamic team of technology experts, experienced managers, and c-level executives drawn from a wide spectrum of industries: entrepreneurship, sustainability, procurement, business management, fintech, blockchain technology, Web3 services, machine learning, strategic consultancy, sales, supply chain management and logistics, marketing, software development, investing, finance, and banking.

It's their collective experience and wide-ranging skills that propel Recyclium beyond the typical startup, enabling it to scale with the wisdom and agility of a seasoned enterprise.

Neil Harris, Chief Sustainability Officer:

Envisioning a Future Free from Disposable Vape Pollution

Looking ahead, Recyclium is setting its sights on tackling the growing issue of disposable vape pollution, a rapidly growing environmental concern. Recognising the significant impact Li-Ion batteries have on pollution levels globally, Recyclium envisions a future where the lifecycle of disposable vapes is reimagined, transforming potential waste into valuable resources.

Check Recyclium’s CEO pitch during K2Match event on their Youtube Channel. To see a live demo of Recyclium’s Application and learn more about revolutionary waste tracking solution, contact Recyclium’s COO at or schedule a meeting.