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German subsidiary of an International Player in the Fire Protection Industry in Europe.

Loss making Business, small market share and stagnating business.

How to improve all this by achieving Sales Excellence


  • No Winning Sales Strategy
  • No Sales Processe (s)
  • No Sales KPIs
  • No CRM System
  • Poor Bonus System
  • Sales Forces lacking important skills
  • Sub-optimal Sales Organization
  • No Bid Management Process / No KPIs / No Executive Summary


  • Clear Sales Strategy that has been communicated
  • Customer segmentation and focus in place
  • Clearly Defined Sales Processes for each product family
  • Implementing Sales Processes for each product family
  • Sales KPIs defined
  • Monitoring KPIs
  • CRM is selected and being implemented.
  • Using CRM
  • MBO / Better Bonus Program
  • Continuous Trainings (e.g. Negotiation, Technical etc…)
  • E / Learnings
  • Improving Sales Organization (Regional & National Roles, New People, Internal & External Sales are one team etc…).
  • Bid Management Process Implemented with Executive Summary
  • Bid Management Process Used and KPIs monitored.
  • Margin management through targets and transparency on  customer and ACM level

Results after 1.5 years:

  • Double Digit Sales Growth
  • Margin improvement resulting in profitability improvement
  • First time profitable business
  • Sales Excellence



  • Leading Global Company, based in Austria.
  • Result of a Recent Fusion of two major Global Companies .
  • Plants in Europe, North America, South America and China

Challenges/ Problems to be solved:

  • For MRO in Europe
  • Reduce the huge number of suppliers to a few category champions with a wide enough product portfolio, great capabilities and a decent geographical coverage


Winning MRO Sourcing Strategy

  • Selecting and engaging with the best suppliers (categories
    champions) with the right product / brand portfolio, the
    appropriate geographical coverage and the right set of
    capabilities (Technical, Logistical, E-Procurement, Reporting,
    Managerial (Ability to manage the client as a real Key account
    and commit to generating Operational Cost Savings) ).
  • Reducing the number of suppliers from over > 1500 to less
    than 12

Successful Transformation Project

  • An Industrial MRO Project is not only a Procurement
    initiative but has to be managed as a transformation project,
    because it involves allot of Stake Holders and changes the
    relationship with the remaining suppliers.
  • Setting up the right governance for this project was essential:
    from Top Management Attention (CPO / CFO) to having a
    collaborative approach involving the key Stake Holders was
    essential for the success of this project.
  • The Key Stake Holders: Plant Management, Maintenance &
    Engineering, Store Management and local Procurement. We
    defined benefits for every Stake Holder to have their
    engagement and support throughout the project.

Fantastic Results

  • Drastic Supplier Reduction
  • Overall, 17% Committed Cost Savings on year 1.
  • Year on Year committed Operational Cost Savings
  • 3-5 Years Contracts in place with a defined project roll
    out to implement cost savings and harmonized and
    improved SLAs.
  • TCO Reduction (better prices, effective P2P Processes)
  • Working Capital Reduction
  • Productivity Increase
  • Improved Service

Results after 1.5 years:

  • 17% Cost Savings encompassing Price and committed operational savings in year 1.
  • Year on Year Committed Savings.
  • New level of Supplier Relationship with the retained few.