From the Information age to the age of Skills

From the Information age to the age of Skills
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Learn to forget or learn to remember?

We don´t need to get informed, we already have all the information in our pockets.

So it's time to get skilled – finally.

A famous provider of online training material just mentioned in an interview that according to his own data only 15% of his buyers of learning materials look at it after they made the purchase.

The percentage of customers who will be so lucky to implement the knowledge into their daily life will be significantly less.

95% percent of all knowledge that is presented will be forgotten after two weeks which is the result of a study done by the US national training laboratories. Or how much do you remember of a speech from a year ago? If you did not apply it afterward with a lot of initiative, it will be less than 1%.

Let's work with the Brain, not against it.

Our brain doesn´t work like an empty bucket that can be filled with information.

Only if learners use their own words to digest the information 90% of it will be remembered long term.

But how can a workshop be organized so that all participants have the room to establish the information in their own words?

If there are 30 participants and they all take only two minutes for questions, it would total 60 minutes of extra time. If instead, in those 60 minutes these 30 participants elaborate on the subject in pairs, the active time individually for each participant is increased 15 times from two to 30 minutes each.

For your internal training, you use three didactical elements: speech, individual work, and pair work. In order to scale your own workshop product offline and online you use the same three elements – structure them in a clear minute-by-minute plan, test it, improve it, until it works perfectly, and then scale it.

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